Important: information about AVLE 2019 Collective Policy

One more year we put at the disposal of the associates of AVLE the Collective Policy of Accidents and of Civil Responsibility. The last two years, including this one that is about to end, have been years of a very high accident rate. This accident rate has led us to lose the accident policy with AXA at the time, and this year to see the cost of the policy contracted with SURNE increase. The accident rate is one of AVLE’s main concerns, having the necessary flight knowledge, the practice and flight hours, the conservation and condition of the equipment, as well as the observance of safety measures and weather conditions, are an important part to avoid accidents in free flight.

By studying the casuistry of claims in the last two years we have found that a large number of claims correspond to other sporting practices other than free flight. Therefore we ask you to exercise restraint when using the insurance, remember that although it covers other sporting activities the sense of having it is to cover our practice of free flight. We are sure that you will understand that what gives meaning to AVLE is the free flight. Our policy cannot be used as a substitute for insurance of other sports practices carried out with sufficient frequency to require a specific insurance.

This year we are going to be very clear that only free flight pilots can be insured with our collective policy. If any pilot of free flight to the time is user of Paramotor has to know that the collective policy covers that modality also. To register in the collective policy we must facilitate the courses that qualify us as free flight pilots, the year in which they were taken, the School that taught them, and the experience (flight hours) that we have. Remember that the truthfulness of these data is the responsibility of the one who provides them, and AVLE reserves the right to verify this truthfulness.

In this year’s negotiation we have agreed to combine both the Accident Policy and the Civil Liability Policy. The cost of both policies is 84 €, an increase of 10 € compared to last year.

AVLE Insurance Information

In this section you will find information regarding AVLE’s insurance policies. If you have any questions, please send an email to The Spanish Free Flight Association offers its members two collective policies. One for Accidents, and one for Civil Liability. Both are contracted with SURNE, Seguros & Pensiones. The medical assistance service of the accident policy is managed by the Siglo XXI Medical Advisory Company, ASESMED.

There are two types of membership in AVLE, you can be a member of AVLE and not subscribe to the general policy, and you can be a member and subscribe to the general policy, the first type of single member must pay the annual membership fee that is fixed each year. The second modality, member with insurance, must also pay the fees that the Insurance Company has for each year.

Period of registration in the AVLE Group Policy: from December 15 of the previous year to March 31 of the year to be insured.

Distribution of amounts registered as a partner of AVLE

Membership Fee 2018  15 €
Accidents Policy + Civil Responsibility Policy  84 €

Methods of payment

The most important thing of all is to fill in the membership form, this year 2018 you can find it in the following link:

Partner with AVLE 2019

For payment of the AVLE fee, payment by bank transfer to AVLE’s account is only accepted in the instructions email received when filling in the form, all the details for payment are given.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Indicate your name in the concept of the transfer in order to identify it without problems.

Explanation of the concepts

The Accident policy, plus the Civil Liability policy (they cannot be contracted separately) for the year 2019 remains in a quota of 84 €. As in previous years, the AVLE 2019 instalment remains at €15. That again will serve to pay the various steps, and to be able to carry out the projects that we have in mind (and those that you suggest) Therefore if we want to join the modality of Member with Insurance 2019 of AVLE the fee to be paid is 99 €.

The Policies

Every year the members automatically leave the Association on December 31st, and the whole process of joining the Association has to be carried out again. This means that the number of members of AVLE lasts only one year, since they are distributed in the order in which the payments of the fees of the chosen modalities are received.

The accident policy is of the “reimbursement” type, this means that if we are attended in non-agreed Centres, we must pay the bill. And then request reimbursement of the amounts paid. AVLE will facilitate your request for reimbursement through our insurance broker. If possible, always use the agreed centres, so it is essential to use the 24-hour telephone numbers of ASESMED in order to be directed to them as soon as possible.

Telephone: 92 640 6441
Tel.: 91 737 7773

VERY IMPORTANT: The policy is Worldwide coverage but National, what does this mean? All Concerted Medical Centers are in national territory. If we suffer an accident abroad, our policy will cover all the medical expenses of the treatment in Spain. Assistance in non-agreed centres is limited to an amount. That is why it is necessary that if we travel and intend to practice the free flight, we contract a specific travel insurance, which covers us the first attention in the country of destination, as well as the re-patriation to our home.

The usual thing is that the period for registering with AVLE begins in mid-December prior to the start of the new course, the reason being that the members can register for the policies and that they can enjoy the insurance from the first day of January.

The term to adhere to AVLE’s collective policy ends with the first quarter of the year, that is, March 31st of the year to be insured. Don’t leave it until later, the cost is the same and if you miss the deadline you will not be able to join our collective policy.

Accident insurance, guarantees collected

SURNE Company, Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Scope of cover


  • Coverage

    24 Hours.

  • Transfer wounded

    The costs of transporting the injured person, by ambulance or emergency team, or others, to the nearest Hospital or Emergency Centre.

  • Transport of the injured person

    The expenses of the injured person for the use of the most suitable means of transport to follow the most appropriate treatment, at the discretion of the doctor or team attending him/her, to the prescribed Hospital Centre, his/her habitual residence in Spain or place of departure of the trip and/or activities.

  • Sanitary Airplane

    Always within the territorial scope of cover and up to the sum insured, it is even possible to use a sanitary airplane specially equipped for this purpose.

  • In case of death

    In the event of the death of the Insured, the Insurance Company will organise and transport the body to the place of burial in Spain. It will cover the costs of the same, including those of post-mortem conditioning, in accordance with current legislation.

Summary of coverage and indemnity limits.

ACCIDENT DEATH, Adults6.000 €
* Expenses in unsubsidised centres will be paid by the injured party. And reimbursement will be requested from the insurance company up to a maximum of €1,200 covered.

Liability Insurance Summary

Company, AXA General Insurance

  • Scope of cover

    Worldwide. *

  • Exceptions to the scope of coverage *

    Except: USA, Canada and Mexico.

Coverage and capital.

Operational Civil Liability 2019

Civil Responsibility of Exploitation.1.000.000 €
Employer's Civil Liability.1.000.000 €
Professional Civil Liability.1.000.000 €
Civil Liability Subsidiary Subcontractors.1.000.000 €

Other guarantees and conditions 2019

Bail bonds, civil and criminalINCLUDING
Legal defence by the companyINCLUDING
Sanctions on data protection.60.000 €
Right to forget.5.000 €

Sports activities covered by the policy.

Mountain biking, Mushing, Mountaineering, Hiking, Surfing and Windsurfing, Crossing, Flysurfing, Road biking, Tibetan Bridge, Swimming and water games, Rapelling, Canoeing, Canyoning, Rafting, Climbing, Alpine skiing, Caving, Sailing, Skydiving, Paratrike, Canoeing, Equestrian Tourism, Tyrolean, Snorkeling, Bodyboarding, Bridge Jumping, Elastic Jumping, Diving and Underwater Activities, Snowkite, Ferrata Trails, Free Flight, Non-motorized Flight, Heli-skiing, Off-piste Skiing, Hot Air Balloon, Paramotor.

Special Conditions Covered Sports Activities.

General Conditions of the Accident Policy.