AVLE Project

  • Rationale:

The Spanish Free Flight Association is a meeting point for all those who share this hobby. Only with the union of all of us can we achieve any objective that we want to set ourselves.

This project was born a long time ago, we were not inventing anything new on that March 1st, two thousand eleven. It was at this point that the necessary impetus was taken. It seemed then that the breeding ground was greater and the motivation to work to improve some things too, because the free-flying community in Spain is very numerous, has advanced in many areas thanks to the work and involvement of many people over the years. We understand that we can have a demonstrable recognition, a demonstrable entity and strength, and thanks to the Internet we can organize ourselves and instead of working together to work together on many of our old, new, and upcoming concerns…

  • Target:

The fundamental objective, and for which AVLE was born, is the creation of an independent federation for free flight. This objective is the one that marks the beginning of the AVLE Project. In two thousand and eleven it was a medium term horizon that, and we knew it was not easy. We still like challenges and we don’t scare easily. Proof of this are the many advances we have made over the past six years. From the first moment we knew that it would depend a lot on the strength of the project. This strength depends to a great extent on the number of people who make up the Spanish Free Flight Association. In recent years, their number has been growing year after year. We are getting organized, we are getting noticed and that is becoming a palpable reality.

In many other European countries, there are independent federations for free flight, such as France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany… and up to 17 European countries. We are not making any impossible demands on ourselves, nor are we asking for things that do not have a meaning, a logic, a reason for being and a coherence.

  • The Way

In order to be an Independent Federation, it was clear to us that we had to meet a number of milestones. None of them are simple, it is true, but neither are they impossible. The first milestone was to be accepted by the EHPU (European Hang Gliding and Paragliding Union). This milestone within the AVLE Project was key, and it has already been achieved. We are full members of EHPU. For this purpose, AVLE needed to be the main free flight association in Spain. The number of partners was vital to achieving that goal. Being members of the EHPU gives us access to the FAI (International Air Federation), something essential in the achievement of the final objective of the AVLE Project.

Another of the milestones or mid-term objectives of the AVLE Project is to become the Association that focuses the activities of Paragliding and Delta Wing in Spain, whether at the level of competition, events, courses. We are working in that direction. At the same time as we face the new challenges that the day to day is facing us. Conflicts in flight zones and takeoffs. Erratic regulations that demonstrate very little knowledge of our activity.

The next milestone to be achieved along the way would be the acceptance of the CSD (Consejo Superior de Deportes), the most difficult step, without a doubt. But if we continue to overcome milestones as we have done up to now, everything will be easier. You will have a lot of work to do but what we can do well is worth everyone’s effort. On the way we will have to confirm ourselves as valid “interlocutors” for other entities and administrations. Without going any further, for example with AESA – Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea.

  • Actions:

At the moment, at least to have an association that represents and defends our interests, in the end AVLE is constituted for the development of actions that can benefit you directly or indirectly. Below are some examples of the actions we will try to take. They are not the only ones, they lack the ones that you contribute or propose. AVLE only provides you with the means at your disposal:

  • Lectures and conventions on meteorology, parachute folding, flight safety and technical talks.
  • Development and advice on activities such as rallies and competitions.
  • Dissemination of events.
  • Programming of flight-related trips.
  • Protection, defense and promotion of flying zones.
  • Promote respect for the natural environments in which we fly, and by extension, for all of Nature, through appropriate education and awareness measures, as well as the adoption of environmental protection measures.
  • Raise awareness among practitioners of this sport of the need to adopt the necessary safety measures for the practice of this sport and develop, to this end, the educational and informative measures that are appropriate.
  • Agreements with specialised and non-specialised shops or the different companies in our sector, to obtain advantages and discounts for members (both in one direction and the other).
  • Methodology:

The main thing is that there is transparency and understanding and that we can all be united in working towards common goals. Like any association, we have a Board of Directors, initially the founding members, who elected their first Board of Directors. But since 2012 the election of the Board of Directors is made in the Ordinary General Assembly of the Spanish Free Flight Association. Since that year it has been held in the town of Arcones, Segovia. With a well-known flying spot, whenever possible after the Assembly we try to fly there.

The Board of Directors of this association, in any case, will simply work on decisions taken through surveys, assemblies, etc. by all AVLE members. It is just another work team, which assumes the role of general coordinator of the AVLE project. In addition to the DB, we will organize ourselves in working groups when required, and also in local or territorial delegations.

AVLE is not something that has been launched with everything done, the idea has always been to build together the AVLE Project. That is why we require the effort and drive of each and every one of AVLE’s partners. It is a living project and is in a continuous process of growth and adaptation. From now on, you can also help to build AVLE, and if you only become a member you are already doing it.

AVLE Project Philosophy

  • AVLE is open to everyone’s participation
  • All opinions count and weigh equally
  • Transparency in all actions
  • Consensus decisions among all stakeholders
  • Prevalence of the general interest

Collaborate with AVLE

AVLE has been in existence for more than six years. And we still need your help to get this project going so that it can be done by and for the pilots. In this page we propose several ways in which you can contribute to the growth of AVLE until the successful completion of the AVLE Project.

If you are not yet a member

The first and most important thing that AVLE needs are the partners, so if you have not yet become a partner, register on the site and send us the membership registration form, do not wait any longer and become a partner now!

If you are already a member

If you are already a member here we propose you some other ideas to collaborate with AVLE:

Make AVLE more useful

Helping in the organization of events, promoting AVLE or participating in some of the activities we propose below:

  • Join a working group
  • Collaborate with partners by offering products at special prices (AVLE can spread your products to all partners, everyone wins!!)
  • Help us organize events.
  • Participate in the forums, helping those who are starting out and energising Free Flight in your area.
  • Become a partner, you’re already helping us with that.

If you think you can contribute in any of these ways, or in any other, do not hesitate to contact us at info@avle.org or through the contact form.

Thank you very much for everything!!

The AVLE team.