Spanish Free Flight Association AVLE

The history of the Spanish Free Flight Association, AVLE, begins with a group of fans and friends of free flight who decided to organize and start working to improve the areas in which we move and to defend the interests of this great passion that unites us, and that is flying. With a first meeting in Madrid that was the foundation of what is now AVLE.

Meeting in Pamplona on March 1, 2011, at 22:00 the founding act of AVLE is written. With this foundational act it is agreed to constitute an Association under the protection of the Organic Law 1/2002, of 22nd March, which regulates the Right of Association. The name of Spanish Free Flight Association was chosen, and the acronym AVLE was used.

This is how some free flight pilots decided to take the reins of an old dream that had always existed among the free flight community in Spain, and decided to promote this project, and bet on some objectives they believed possible whenever they will bet seriously on them.

Being a member of AVLE means being part of a large and growing number of people working to improve free flight in Spain, and every member of AVLE has the right to know what is done and how it is done, since the transparency of all our actions is our main way of proceeding.

AVLE is organized in governing bodies and working bodies like any other association, but this does not imply greater prominence of one over the other, simply ALL OF US ARE AVLE, and among all of us we build it.

So………it’s very simple, if you wish, YOU ARE ALSO AVLE.

(…) Because they are no longer joyful and innocent and insensitive. Only those who are cheerful, innocent and insensitive can fly.

“Peter Pan” – James Matthew Barrie.

Board of Directors – Year 2020

  • President: Alfredo Ponce
  • Vice President: Esther Rodríguez
  • Secretary: Carlos Mengíbar Martinez de Goñi