Welcome to AVLE, Spanish Free Flying Association

What is AVLE (Spanish Free Flight Association)?

A meeting point for all those who share this hobby. Only with the union of all of us can we achieve any objective we want to set ourselves. Being a member of AVLE means being part of a large number of people who want to work to improve free flight in Spain.

Objectives of AVLE

To obtain an independent federation for free flight, so that the resources generated by our licenses and those that the administrations allocate to our sport, reach directly to the free flight pilots and are managed by them. On the strength and entity that AVLE achieves will depend the power to make that old dream come true.

Purpose of AVLE

To achieve a free flight federation that represents and defends our interests with objectives such as:

Dissemination and organisation of events, protection, defence and promotion of flying areas, promotion of respect for nature through appropriate education and awareness measures, as well as the adoption of environmental protection measures; raising the awareness of those practising this sport to adopt the necessary safety measures for the practice of this sport and developing, to this end, the appropriate educational and informative measures.

Why be content to drag our feet when we feel the desire to fly? – Helen Keller

What is AVLE?

It all started with a group of fans and friends of free flight who decided to organize and start working to improve the areas in which we move and to defend the interests of this great passion that unites us, and that is none other than flying. After a few years, AVLE is consolidating its position as a reference point in the world of free flight. We continue with our efforts to achieve a Free Flight Federation in Spain. A match for other European countries.

Spanish Free Flying Association

Caracenilla weather station – Cuenca

Pedro Bernardo weather station – Ávila

Flying makes us free

“The vertigo was gone. I felt a special drunkenness, an unhealthy sense of power, and of joy. I would climb to incredible heights and then drop, gliding gently, with my wings outstretched, and even if I closed my eyes I was not in danger of crashing, and I would let myself be guided in my flight by arbitrary and strange impulses, and I felt that somehow I was drawing a coherent and aesthetic picture in the sky.”

Mario Levrero

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