In the following form you can register as an uninsured member of AVLE for the year 2019. Anyone can register as an AVLE Associate, just by wanting to be part of this adventure. In principle, there is no time limit for registration, i.e. you can register at any time during the year you wish. You have to be aware that the discharge is only for the current year, in no case is it for calendar years. So if you register in January or November, your membership will end on December 31st of the current year. Regardless of the date you were discharged. In December all registrations formalized are understood for the following year.

Become an uninsured member of AVLE 2019

UNINSURED MEMBER REGISTRATION 2019  Complete this form so that AVLE can have your membership data: Attention, the formalization of the membership registration will not be effective until the moment it is verified that the relevant fee has been paid. Remember to indicate your name in the transfer concept so that you can find it without problems.

ANNUALITY Uninsured member 2019 = 15 euros (15 €)

Fill in all the data, following the instructions on the form. The instructions for the entry of the fee are sent by mail, once the form is completed. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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